Joshua Hoong |
Joshua Hoong’s first encounter with his uncle’s DSLR was one that definitely influenced his course of life. It steered him towards the design school in Temasek Polytechnic, where he studied under the Visual Communication Programme majoring in photography. There, he developed his photography skills and nurtured his interest. He recalls, ”I realized that there is a whole world of photography out there.” Having saved up to get a camera of his own, he has been shooting away ever since.

The fleeting nature of things, in particular the expressions and actions of people, are the very reasons why Joshua adores photography. He feels compelled to capture each scene before it vanishes forever. A lost moment is a lost chance to immortalize a piece of memory.

Among the many kinds of photography that Joshua indulges in, music photography is one that keeps him pumped up with adrenaline. He highlights the sense of anticipation that is extremely vital in framing shots. Especially because there is no planning and staging involved, music photography proves to be a different challenge because it requires a keen eye for detail during the event.

“You cannot ask the musician to slow down or repeat his action like raising his guitar. And the spot lights on stage only shines at the same spot once, so you always have to be alert to anticipate that one good shot.”

Music photography to me is all about capturing the essence of the artist.

The contrast and spontaneity, he says, are major factors that draw him to this relatively obscure genre of photography. Joshua seeks perfection in his shots, hoping to seize that single perfect moment. He knows very well how he would attempt to capture that precise instant, down to the intricate technicalities. Yet above all, he hopes to use his photography skills to showcase these artists’ talents and personalities; the strong need to represent the respective artists for who they are. “It’s important to see if the pictures are able to convey the appropriate feelings that the musician is trying to express.”

Though he holds a passion for music photography, Joshua’s ambition does not lie in said area at the moment. The modest number of gigs available for coverage may not be as lucrative for industry photographers. Instead, he intends to pursue food and product photography, having ventured in these areas during an internship. Having said that, nothing will stop this passionate photographer from trying his hand out in diverse areas of photography.