The Stranger Hypothesis |
The Stranger Hypothesis was born from a school project and the awareness of the fast fading old school mode of interaction. The project is where one comes up with a hypothesis with the use of design to help solve the thesis. Barbara picked one focusing on the bridging of human relations, where the Singapore context and culture is unique from other countries.

Subtle and fun, the project seeks to create awareness within the immediate society. Stressing the importance of interaction, the movement seeks to cultivate a more open and friendly environment in our society.

Difficulties that arose came as less than a surprise for Babara, who, like us, aren’t omniscient. What people actually do with the message disseminating items that are handed out and the amount of influence that the project has over the people are hard to gauge. That is, whether the message and theme of this hypothesis are circulating, are unknown statistics. Motivation comes from the people as Babara carries out the experiment. The sight of smiles accompanying the reading of the message out loud and seeing people puzzle over what the project is about.

Strangers have the best candy. (Experimental, witty, whimsical, queer, crucial)

Factors: Physical location, Environment, Festive mode? Check. Creative means to get the idea across? Check. Candy canes, Cookies, Temporary tattoos, double check. In short, the idea of melding the take home giveaway in respect to the current season increases the susceptibility rate. Playing on the theme of giving during the festivities, candy canes are used as the courier for the situation. Lastly -- different, unique, subtle; catching our attention yet none too flashy? Give this Hypothesis a triple check already.

For example: telling someone they have nice hair, or asking them where they got their awesome pair of shoes from.

The change of pace regarding the threads of relationship between namely, Strangers, in our Singaporean context is key. Random compliments, interactions, heartwarming greetings to the bus driver. Simply said, it’s the effort to show that the other stranger is appreciated: The Stranger Hypothesis‘s answer to the thesis.

Curated by Kiu QingYi, Text by Esther Loh