Amanda Mabel |
18 year-old Amanda has never been a girl of many words. She often finds herself struggling with social situations and pretty much anything that involves speaking in the presence of a large audience. You’re  likely to find her scribbling down her thoughts and feelings to express herself, rather than speak. However, things change the moment she has her camera in her hands. From someone who confesses to be shy and awkward, she turns into the girl who is passionate about photography and becomes willing to go all out to capture the little details that fail to catch the attention of many others.

Completely self taught with the camera as well as Photoshop, Amanda has exposed herself to a variety of techniques and shooting styles, from portraits to macro shots. As a young photographer, Amanda refuses to pigeonhole herself under a specific category, and is constantly experimenting as much as possible. Besides shooting, Amanda can spend up to hours manipulating a photo to perfection. Her Photoshop skills were garnered after she focused a lot of productive attention to developing them back in 2010.

Inspiration is important to every photographer out there. Be it being inspired by a family member, an item or something significant in your life. Simple things like song lyrics, meaningful quotes from books as well as events that happen in her daily life are what inspire Amanda. To her, photography is not just about capturing common sights that anyone is able to notice. It is about being able to capture the details that people overlook.
Things like the precise moment the sun has gone down and when the sky is ablaze with shades of orange and pink; the expression of your loved one before they have time to plaster on a camera-ready smile; raindrops racing against each other down the misty window pane, these are the things that will differentiate you from other photographers – to be able to capture something that has been constantly neglected, and bring it to people’s attention. This is the reason Amanda shoots.

Because only when you learn to see the details, can you then truly appreciate the whole picture as it really is.

Flickr, one of the largest photo-sharing websites at the time and also the site that housed pictures found on Tumblr, was where recognition from the public began for Amanda. Despite forgetting that her Flickr account existed pretty often and uploading pictures in an infrequent matter, Amanda managed to capture the attention of others in the Flickr community. From just a couple of views and people liking her photos when she first began uploading them, she now receives thousands of hits a day.

She has other dreams she would like to pursue as well, and one of which is to be published – be it an actual book or a photo book, either of which, would be an immense achievement.

Meanwhile, her love for photography will never falter.
Curated by Beverly Kok, Text by Charmaine Teo