Madeline Wee |
Who doesn’t like comics? Caricatures of politicians and movie stars, flavoured with plenty of satirical humour that is often exaggerated, solely for entertainment purposes. Sounds like something we all need in our lives.

Which is why we ought to thank the people from the art industry, such as Madeline Wee. Granted, she didn’t follow the conventional road that one would expect from an aspiring cartoonist, but the current student at University College London’s Slade School of Fine Art has her reasons.

“I decided to study fine art quite on a whim to be fair. I was good at drawing, I loved it very much, and it seemed like a dream to be able to get a degree in something you truly enjoyed,” the 21 year old web comic fan said.

“I do however, have days where I wish I had pursued a different path - where my other interests lay (theoretical economics and politics) - but we all have those days. I'm thinking of combining my interests somehow, but the environment I find myself in, has proved to be resistant.”

As with any wannabe artist, Madeline also has a few comics and comic artists that she follows religiously, namely Karl Kerschl's The Abominable Charles Christopher and Cameron Stewart's Sin Titulo, as well as Kate Beaton and Ryan Pequin.

“The former two's artwork is impeccably beautiful, and they're masters of story-telling, which is really what comics is about. As for Kate Beaton's and Ryan Pequin's work, they produce shorter strips, but the humour involved is always silly and trivial, which is something I enjoy. There is a certain pleasure in making a joke of serious situations, something that is vastly apparent in both their works.”

There is a certain pleasure in making a joke of serious situations.

With a love for doodling and story-telling since young, Madeline’s love for drawing comics came about only when she started university, most of which are based on her everyday events, making them that much more relatable.

Constantly seeking to fuse her love of the comics medium and her studies in a fine art institution, Madeline is collating a collection of comics that are of a more abstract and random configuration to a book by other Slade students, titled: “What is right with the world.” Additionally, she is also currently doing comic strips for a UCL publication 'The Cheese Grater Magazine' where she holds the position of Graphics Editor.

Always open to collaborating with other artists in different fields of art, her only wish is that she could work with people who share her love for the comic medium as well.
Curated by Alethea Tan, Text by Joey Lee