Ciel Impression |
It all begins with a message. Artists all do, don’t they? You find something beautiful, intriguing or terrifying, even if it is for a fleeting instant, and you have to capture it. You have to share what you see in these moments. For Ciel, photography has been her answer.

"I fell in love with the immediacy and absolute truth. Each different because each moment will never be the same. It is almost witch-like."

Beneath the front of  the aesthetic beauty of her photography, there is also the treatment of it as a vessel to tell stories, evoke emotions, challenge stereotypes and examine issues. A vessel that she hopes can make splashes big enough to inspire retrospective thoughts and feelings. To want these for her audiences should come as no surprise, since for herself, this journey in arts is a personal pilgrimage, where she attempts to rediscover her identity, desires and emotional self. Perhaps as an anchor to hold her talent, she created Ciel Impression, which is her attempt at creating an avenue to showcase work that accurately reflects her visions and feelings; a museum to house her art.

Ciel seeks more than perfection. She seeks truth. And maybe that is what every artist should ultimately aim for. In the face of the deliberate preservation of the raw truths of her art, like many good artists, Ciel’s image goes against straightforward classifications. Elaborating this, she says ""It is often difficult to classify my image…because I want to retain the artistic and emotional touch." She offers much more than that; her eccentricity, sarcasm and curiosity. In that sense, she is brave to give up the path well trodden for a path she deems truer to her art.

Very often, I would try to do something classy and beautiful, I follow the common definitions of perfection. But I will also go down to the most senseless, ruthless, pathetic and ugly. Because it is all part of what makes life fascinating and what I would like to experience.

The truth in the message delivered through good art can be amplified by more voices. Even better, by ordinary voices who are knee-deep in the daily grind. Ciel knows that. If financially sponsored, she hopes to start an initiative and collect photo stories from around the world to create an accurate reflection of the current youth and societal environment. Always feeling more comfortable at home, she intends to start with ordinary Singaporeans.

Constantly amazed by provocative works of David Lachapelle and the visual tumults of Bruno Dayan, it must have been quite an experience for Ciel, as she undertook a project in Vancouver with professional teams and simply hardworking, dazzling models. They all came together, with a common goal to make good art, and the result is Ciel’s art and message woven bewitchingly. That’s an auspicious beginning.
Curated by Foo Wen Xin, Text by Neu Wee Tee