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A single product is usually moulded by many hands. Watchmakers take pride in their delicate yet precise craftsmanship. The trend towards exposing watch mechanisms in a timepiece may perhaps be a response to an increasing appreciation for the mechanisms and the intricate systems behind the seemingly everyday but essential product.

For Outeredit, their curiosity behind the mechanisms, origins and creators of a final product has led to their vision of holding up the curtain behind the workshop of the creatives behind each artwork.

Founders of the site, Clive and Ryan, believe that greater appreciation and understanding of the creation processes can encourage everyday joes to "ascribe greater value to things", which can be a great source of inspiration toward creation of more meaningful products.

When applying these thoughts over to the most vital produce for human survival, T-shirts, Ryan & Clive felt they were only getting a mere fraction of the story and with the combined pennies in their pockets, decided to rebuild the idea of an online T-shirt store by focusing on the notion of collaborations, and properly celebrating the creative faces & processes behind the names of graphic design.

From top : 1. Ryan 2. Clive 3. Collaboration chart
A typical Outeredit project spans over 7 days, with the creme de la creme of creatives from around the globe invited to participate in an exclusive OuterEdit collaboration. Artists reinterpret versions of each others' artwork over the course of the week and in true social media fashion, audiences can follow the design process with near real-time updates that encourages them to give their two cents worth by voting for, commenting on and sharing their favourite designs. Naturally, the top 5 most voted for artworks will be produced as premium OuterEdit apparel available for preordering on the OuterEdit store.

There's no better way to sharpen one's creative finesse than to toss one into the open sea of creative styles and interpretations.

The heartbeat of the project stems from the ventures beyond the comfort zones of the creatives. By giving them a chance to break through the confinements of their usual styles, Jonathen Yuen, one of the OuterEdit participants felt that the experience taught him to integrate, experiment and explore further through the creatives output of others. Some also find it motivating to be working amongst company they know and respect - and the feeling they get from having their work reinterpreted by them is conversely quite special indeed.

We believe in the importance for any collaborative process to be as organic as possible but at the same time, be curated in a simple and digestible manner for a global audience to learn and benefit from.

The O/E Collab is built on the premise of creative synergy among participants. It is less about the final artwork, and more about the faces, processes and dynamics involved in the creative process.

With any collaborative process, the experience can be uncertain and slightly unnerving. To this, the folks of OuterEdit offers the words from Brene Brow "vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage and it is also the birthplace of innovation, creative and change."

The beauty of OuterEdit is its existence as an avenue for creatives to return to a similar place of unfamiliarity and openness at which they first started as juniors. Having a myriad of creative styles, talents and backgrounds, the vulnerability of the artists are heightened, and it is exactly in this state that the OuterEdit folks hope to incubate an unexpected and amazing collection of artwork.

With the final product at hand, Outeredit could indeed be the timepiece of a thousand artists.
Written by Nicki Chua