Armoire |
'Armoire' is the label of budding designer Evon Tan.

There is more to the word ‘Armoire’ than it being the french equivalent of the word ‘wardrobe’. Evon Tan, fashion designer and owner of the local fashion label Armoire, explains the additional layer of meaning behind the name of Armoire - “The goal is to establish Armoire as a menswear and womenswear label... With the french rustic direction, french for wardrobe fits the label.”

Evon did not have the conventional qualifications of a fashion designer. In fact, she graduated with a bachelor in Chemical Engineering. However, her love for fashion superseded this minor disadvantage, leading her to sign herself up for something far more unexpected and exciting for herself - fashion!

Aside from fashion, Evon also enjoys trotting around the globe. These two seem to knit themselves to form a fabric of creativity for her. The explanation is this - when she travels, she looks at the way different cultures dress up, whether they are being casual or more carefully put together for a formal night out. Growing up, her love for fashion was nurtured by her fashionista mother who instilled her with a palatable sense of fashion. When it comes to the big names in fashion, her top five picks are Christian Dior, Celine, Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta. She is also greatly inspired by Vera Wang for her ‘fairytale-like’ designs. She also relates her own personal style to the her designs.

Simple classic cuts are the main aesthetic of Armoire and also my personal style.

Armoire has a unique and compelling vision: “To Engineer The Perfect Dress”. With the aim to create the perfect outfit for strong, elegant and modern ladies of today, Evon engineers the fabrics with her fabric mill “to enhance its stretch and making the perfect dress for Armoire ladies.” Each collection stands out in its own beautiful way with its simultaneously creative and simple touch. Since her debut collection in 2010, six collections have been released. The most recently launched collection is called ‘Star Struck’. It is a collection which Evon describes to involve a dominantly black and white color pallette. The collection amalgamates the simplicty and sophistication that is the current signifier for the sophisticated young woman.

The advice that this young and blooming local fashion designer has to share would be: ‘Continue your pace even if it feels like it is going nowhere. Every step you take is towards your goal. Don’t give up designing!’

Be sure to stay tuned for more Armoire designs as it ventures into shoes, accessories and even bags!

Curated by Beverly Kok Written by Nicole Yeo